Indian Rupee (INR) To Turkish Lira (TRY) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Indian Rupee (INR) to Turkish Lira (TRY). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best INR to TRY rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Indian Rupee to Turkish Lira History Graph

To convert Indian Rupee to Turkish Lira or determine the Indian Rupee Turkish Lira exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
TRY to INR Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Indian Rupee (INR) to Turkish Lira (TRY)

Historical Date Indian Rupee Turkish Lira
Monday03/01/20221 INR=0.178 TRY
Tuesday04/01/20221 INR=0.18 TRY
Wednesday05/01/20221 INR=0.1814 TRY
Thursday06/01/20221 INR=0.1851 TRY
Friday07/01/20221 INR=0.1871 TRY
Monday10/01/20221 INR=0.1871 TRY
Tuesday11/01/20221 INR=0.1868 TRY
Wednesday12/01/20221 INR=0.1856 TRY
Thursday13/01/20221 INR=0.1838 TRY
Friday14/01/20221 INR=0.1832 TRY
Monday17/01/20221 INR=0.1802 TRY
Tuesday18/01/20221 INR=0.1824 TRY
Wednesday19/01/20221 INR=0.1821 TRY
Thursday20/01/20221 INR=0.1811 TRY
Friday21/01/20221 INR=0.1796 TRY
Monday24/01/20221 INR=0.1803 TRY
Tuesday25/01/20221 INR=0.1817 TRY
Wednesday26/01/20221 INR=0.1804 TRY
Thursday27/01/20221 INR=0.1809 TRY
Friday28/01/20221 INR=0.1818 TRY
Monday31/01/20221 INR=0.1791 TRY
Tuesday01/02/20221 INR=0.1792 TRY
Wednesday02/02/20221 INR=0.1804 TRY
Thursday03/02/20221 INR=0.1807 TRY
Friday04/02/20221 INR=0.1814 TRY
Monday07/02/20221 INR=0.1817 TRY
Tuesday08/02/20221 INR=0.182 TRY
Wednesday09/02/20221 INR=0.182 TRY
Thursday10/02/20221 INR=0.1796 TRY
Friday11/02/20221 INR=0.1787 TRY
Monday14/02/20221 INR=0.1797 TRY
Tuesday15/02/20221 INR=0.1811 TRY
Wednesday16/02/20221 INR=0.1811 TRY
Thursday17/02/20221 INR=0.1814 TRY
Friday18/02/20221 INR=0.1824 TRY
Monday21/02/20221 INR=0.1827 TRY
Tuesday22/02/20221 INR=0.1852 TRY
Wednesday23/02/20221 INR=0.1852 TRY
Thursday24/02/20221 INR=0.191 TRY
Friday25/02/20221 INR=0.1842 TRY
Monday28/02/20221 INR=0.1824 TRY
Tuesday01/03/20221 INR=0.1835 TRY
Wednesday02/03/20221 INR=0.1859 TRY
Thursday03/03/20221 INR=0.1868 TRY
Friday04/03/20221 INR=0.1869 TRY
Monday07/03/20221 INR=0.1862 TRY
Tuesday08/03/20221 INR=0.1883 TRY
Wednesday09/03/20221 INR=0.1919 TRY
Thursday10/03/20221 INR=0.1957 TRY
Friday11/03/20221 INR=0.1935 TRY
Monday14/03/20221 INR=0.1929 TRY
Tuesday15/03/20221 INR=0.1916 TRY
Wednesday16/03/20221 INR=0.1926 TRY
Thursday17/03/20221 INR=0.1941 TRY
Friday18/03/20221 INR=0.1941 TRY
Monday21/03/20221 INR=0.1948 TRY
Tuesday22/03/20221 INR=0.1944 TRY
Wednesday23/03/20221 INR=0.1941 TRY
Thursday24/03/20221 INR=0.1938 TRY
Friday25/03/20221 INR=0.1944 TRY
Monday28/03/20221 INR=0.1954 TRY
Tuesday29/03/20221 INR=0.1944 TRY
Wednesday30/03/20221 INR=0.1944 TRY
Thursday31/03/20221 INR=0.1938 TRY
Friday01/04/20221 INR=0.1932 TRY
Monday04/04/20221 INR=0.1942 TRY
Tuesday05/04/20221 INR=0.1955 TRY
Wednesday06/04/20221 INR=0.1948 TRY
Thursday07/04/20221 INR=0.1948 TRY
Friday08/04/20221 INR=0.1939 TRY
Monday11/04/20221 INR=0.1942 TRY
Tuesday12/04/20221 INR=0.193 TRY
Wednesday13/04/20221 INR=0.1912 TRY
Thursday14/04/20221 INR=0.1924 TRY
Tuesday19/04/20221 INR=0.1918 TRY
Wednesday20/04/20221 INR=0.1924 TRY
Thursday21/04/20221 INR=0.1936 TRY
Friday22/04/20221 INR=0.193 TRY
Monday25/04/20221 INR=0.1921 TRY
Tuesday26/04/20221 INR=0.1927 TRY
Wednesday27/04/20221 INR=0.1928 TRY
Thursday28/04/20221 INR=0.1925 TRY
Friday29/04/20221 INR=0.1941 TRY
Monday02/05/20221 INR=0.1944 TRY
Tuesday03/05/20221 INR=0.1947 TRY
Wednesday04/05/20221 INR=0.1931 TRY
Thursday05/05/20221 INR=0.1947 TRY
Friday06/05/20221 INR=0.1943 TRY
Monday09/05/20221 INR=0.194 TRY
Tuesday10/05/20221 INR=0.1977 TRY
Wednesday11/05/20221 INR=0.199 TRY
Thursday12/05/20221 INR=0.1987 TRY
Friday13/05/20221 INR=0.1994 TRY
Monday16/05/20221 INR=0.2007 TRY
Tuesday17/05/20221 INR=0.2027 TRY
Wednesday18/05/20221 INR=0.2047 TRY
Thursday19/05/20221 INR=0.205 TRY
Friday20/05/20221 INR=0.205 TRY
Monday23/05/20221 INR=0.204 TRY
Tuesday24/05/20221 INR=0.2073 TRY
Wednesday25/05/20221 INR=0.2104 TRY
Thursday26/05/20221 INR=0.2105 TRY
Friday27/05/20221 INR=0.2109 TRY
Monday30/05/20221 INR=0.2116 TRY
Tuesday31/05/20221 INR=0.2109 TRY
Wednesday01/06/20221 INR=0.2116 TRY
Thursday02/06/20221 INR=0.213 TRY
Friday03/06/20221 INR=0.2128 TRY
Monday06/06/20221 INR=0.2135 TRY
Tuesday07/06/20221 INR=0.2161 TRY
Wednesday08/06/20221 INR=0.2214 TRY
Thursday09/06/20221 INR=0.2222 TRY
Friday10/06/20221 INR=0.218 TRY
Monday13/06/20221 INR=0.222 TRY
Tuesday14/06/20221 INR=0.222 TRY
Wednesday15/06/20221 INR=0.222 TRY
Thursday16/06/20221 INR=0.2216 TRY
Friday17/06/20221 INR=0.2214 TRY
Monday20/06/20221 INR=0.2222 TRY
Tuesday21/06/20221 INR=0.2216 TRY
Wednesday22/06/20221 INR=0.2208 TRY
Thursday23/06/20221 INR=0.2222 TRY
Friday24/06/20221 INR=0.2212 TRY
Monday27/06/20221 INR=0.2115 TRY
Tuesday28/06/20221 INR=0.2109 TRY
Wednesday29/06/20221 INR=0.2102 TRY
Thursday30/06/20221 INR=0.2114 TRY
Friday01/07/20221 INR=0.2112 TRY
Monday04/07/20221 INR=0.213 TRY
Tuesday05/07/20221 INR=0.2137 TRY
Wednesday06/07/20221 INR=0.2175 TRY
Thursday07/07/20221 INR=0.2175 TRY
Friday08/07/20221 INR=0.2183 TRY
Monday11/07/20221 INR=0.2193 TRY
Tuesday12/07/20221 INR=0.2182 TRY
Wednesday13/07/20221 INR=0.2197 TRY
Thursday14/07/20221 INR=0.2185 TRY
Friday15/07/20221 INR=0.2193 TRY
Monday18/07/20221 INR=0.2181 TRY
Tuesday19/07/20221 INR=0.2198 TRY
Wednesday20/07/20221 INR=0.2208 TRY
Thursday21/07/20221 INR=0.2216 TRY
Friday22/07/20221 INR=0.2224 TRY
Monday25/07/20221 INR=0.223 TRY
Tuesday26/07/20221 INR=0.2242 TRY
Wednesday27/07/20221 INR=0.2236 TRY
Thursday28/07/20221 INR=0.225 TRY
Friday29/07/20221 INR=0.2263 TRY
Monday01/08/20221 INR=0.2275 TRY
Tuesday02/08/20221 INR=0.2275 TRY
Wednesday03/08/20221 INR=0.2271 TRY
Thursday04/08/20221 INR=0.2267 TRY
Friday05/08/20221 INR=0.2261 TRY
Monday08/08/20221 INR=0.2253 TRY
Tuesday09/08/20221 INR=0.2257 TRY
Wednesday10/08/20221 INR=0.2265 TRY
Thursday11/08/20221 INR=0.2263 TRY
Friday12/08/20221 INR=0.2255 TRY
Monday15/08/20221 INR=0.2253 TRY
Tuesday16/08/20221 INR=0.2259 TRY
Wednesday17/08/20221 INR=0.2263 TRY
Thursday18/08/20221 INR=0.2265 TRY
Friday19/08/20221 INR=0.2277 TRY
Monday22/08/20221 INR=0.2264 TRY
Tuesday23/08/20221 INR=0.2266 TRY
Wednesday24/08/20221 INR=0.2274 TRY
Thursday25/08/20221 INR=0.2283 TRY
Friday26/08/20221 INR=0.2273 TRY
Monday29/08/20221 INR=0.2269 TRY
Tuesday30/08/20221 INR=0.2281 TRY
Wednesday31/08/20221 INR=0.2291 TRY
Thursday01/09/20221 INR=0.2295 TRY
Friday02/09/20221 INR=0.2277 TRY
Monday05/09/20221 INR=0.2278 TRY
Tuesday06/09/20221 INR=0.2278 TRY
Wednesday07/09/20221 INR=0.2288 TRY
Thursday08/09/20221 INR=0.2281 TRY
Friday09/09/20221 INR=0.2289 TRY
Monday12/09/20221 INR=0.2296 TRY
Tuesday13/09/20221 INR=0.2301 TRY
Wednesday14/09/20221 INR=0.2299 TRY
Thursday15/09/20221 INR=0.2281 TRY
Friday16/09/20221 INR=0.2291 TRY
Monday19/09/20221 INR=0.2303 TRY
Tuesday20/09/20221 INR=0.2303 TRY
Wednesday21/09/20221 INR=0.2287 TRY
Thursday22/09/20221 INR=0.2269 TRY
Friday23/09/20221 INR=0.2262 TRY
Monday26/09/20221 INR=0.226 TRY
Tuesday27/09/20221 INR=0.2264 TRY
Wednesday28/09/20221 INR=0.227 TRY
Thursday29/09/20221 INR=0.2266 TRY
Friday30/09/20221 INR=0.2278 TRY
Monday03/10/20221 INR=0.2264 TRY
Tuesday04/10/20221 INR=0.2275 TRY
Wednesday05/10/20221 INR=0.2284 TRY
Thursday06/10/20221 INR=0.2253 TRY
Friday07/10/20221 INR=0.2259 TRY
Monday10/10/20221 INR=0.2252 TRY
Tuesday11/10/20221 INR=0.226 TRY
Wednesday12/10/20221 INR=0.2256 TRY
Thursday13/10/20221 INR=0.2264 TRY
Friday14/10/20221 INR=0.2256 TRY
Monday17/10/20221 INR=0.2264 TRY
Tuesday18/10/20221 INR=0.2267 TRY
Wednesday19/10/20221 INR=0.2236 TRY
Thursday20/10/20221 INR=0.224 TRY
Friday21/10/20221 INR=0.2242 TRY
Monday24/10/20221 INR=0.2253 TRY
Tuesday25/10/20221 INR=0.2239 TRY
Wednesday26/10/20221 INR=0.2276 TRY
Thursday27/10/20221 INR=0.2262 TRY
Friday28/10/20221 INR=0.2259 TRY
Monday31/10/20221 INR=0.2251 TRY
Tuesday01/11/20221 INR=0.2259 TRY
Wednesday02/11/20221 INR=0.2251 TRY
Thursday03/11/20221 INR=0.225 TRY
Friday04/11/20221 INR=0.2261 TRY
Monday07/11/20221 INR=0.2268 TRY
Tuesday08/11/20221 INR=0.2286 TRY
Wednesday09/11/20221 INR=0.2276 TRY
Thursday10/11/20221 INR=0.2278 TRY
Friday11/11/20221 INR=0.229 TRY
Monday14/11/20221 INR=0.2284 TRY
Tuesday15/11/20221 INR=0.2302 TRY
Wednesday16/11/20221 INR=0.2287 TRY
Thursday17/11/20221 INR=0.2269 TRY
Friday18/11/20221 INR=0.2278 TRY
Monday21/11/20221 INR=0.2271 TRY
Tuesday22/11/20221 INR=0.2275 TRY
Wednesday23/11/20221 INR=0.2269 TRY
Thursday24/11/20221 INR=0.2287 TRY
Friday25/11/20221 INR=0.2282 TRY
Monday28/11/20221 INR=0.2281 TRY
Tuesday29/11/20221 INR=0.2278 TRY
Wednesday30/11/20221 INR=0.2282 TRY
Thursday01/12/20221 INR=0.23 TRY
Friday02/12/20221 INR=0.2299 TRY
Monday05/12/20221 INR=0.2288 TRY
Tuesday06/12/20221 INR=0.2255 TRY
Wednesday07/12/20221 INR=0.2255 TRY
Thursday08/12/20221 INR=0.2255 TRY
Friday09/12/20221 INR=0.2264 TRY
Minimum: 0.178 INRTRY, Maximum: 0.2303 INRTRY, Average: 0.2098 INRTRY
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