Turkish Lira (TRY) To Norwegian Krone (NOK) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Turkish Lira (TRY) to Norwegian Krone (NOK). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best TRY to NOK rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Turkish Lira to Norwegian Krone History Graph

To convert Turkish Lira to Norwegian Krone or determine the Turkish Lira Norwegian Krone exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
NOK to TRY Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Turkish Lira (TRY) to Norwegian Krone (NOK)

Historical Date Turkish Lira Norwegian Krone
Monday03/01/20221 TRY=0.663 NOK
Tuesday04/01/20221 TRY=0.6617 NOK
Wednesday05/01/20221 TRY=0.654 NOK
Thursday06/01/20221 TRY=0.6449 NOK
Friday07/01/20221 TRY=0.6379 NOK
Monday10/01/20221 TRY=0.6379 NOK
Tuesday11/01/20221 TRY=0.6383 NOK
Wednesday12/01/20221 TRY=0.6365 NOK
Thursday13/01/20221 TRY=0.6375 NOK
Friday14/01/20221 TRY=0.6434 NOK
Monday17/01/20221 TRY=0.6524 NOK
Tuesday18/01/20221 TRY=0.6444 NOK
Wednesday19/01/20221 TRY=0.6441 NOK
Thursday20/01/20221 TRY=0.6544 NOK
Friday21/01/20221 TRY=0.6603 NOK
Monday24/01/20221 TRY=0.6707 NOK
Tuesday25/01/20221 TRY=0.6643 NOK
Wednesday26/01/20221 TRY=0.6547 NOK
Thursday27/01/20221 TRY=0.6573 NOK
Friday28/01/20221 TRY=0.662 NOK
Monday31/01/20221 TRY=0.6707 NOK
Tuesday01/02/20221 TRY=0.6614 NOK
Wednesday02/02/20221 TRY=0.6488 NOK
Thursday03/02/20221 TRY=0.6498 NOK
Friday04/02/20221 TRY=0.6482 NOK
Monday07/02/20221 TRY=0.6485 NOK
Tuesday08/02/20221 TRY=0.6482 NOK
Wednesday09/02/20221 TRY=0.6469 NOK
Thursday10/02/20221 TRY=0.6506 NOK
Friday11/02/20221 TRY=0.6536 NOK
Monday14/02/20221 TRY=0.6556 NOK
Tuesday15/02/20221 TRY=0.6519 NOK
Wednesday16/02/20221 TRY=0.6532 NOK
Thursday17/02/20221 TRY=0.6528 NOK
Friday18/02/20221 TRY=0.6562 NOK
Monday21/02/20221 TRY=0.6572 NOK
Tuesday22/02/20221 TRY=0.6434 NOK
Wednesday23/02/20221 TRY=0.6389 NOK
Thursday24/02/20221 TRY=0.6287 NOK
Friday25/02/20221 TRY=0.6447 NOK
Monday28/02/20221 TRY=0.6438 NOK
Tuesday01/03/20221 TRY=0.6341 NOK
Wednesday02/03/20221 TRY=0.6324 NOK
Thursday03/03/20221 TRY=0.627 NOK
Friday04/03/20221 TRY=0.6313 NOK
Monday07/03/20221 TRY=0.6283 NOK
Tuesday08/03/20221 TRY=0.619 NOK
Wednesday09/03/20221 TRY=0.6072 NOK
Thursday10/03/20221 TRY=0.5982 NOK
Friday11/03/20221 TRY=0.6029 NOK
Monday14/03/20221 TRY=0.6085 NOK
Tuesday15/03/20221 TRY=0.6118 NOK
Wednesday16/03/20221 TRY=0.6053 NOK
Thursday17/03/20221 TRY=0.5998 NOK
Friday18/03/20221 TRY=0.594 NOK
Monday21/03/20221 TRY=0.5903 NOK
Tuesday22/03/20221 TRY=0.589 NOK
Wednesday23/03/20221 TRY=0.5911 NOK
Thursday24/03/20221 TRY=0.5831 NOK
Friday25/03/20221 TRY=0.5829 NOK
Monday28/03/20221 TRY=0.5842 NOK
Tuesday29/03/20221 TRY=0.5873 NOK
Wednesday30/03/20221 TRY=0.5902 NOK
Thursday31/03/20221 TRY=0.5961 NOK
Friday01/04/20221 TRY=0.5952 NOK
Monday04/04/20221 TRY=0.5903 NOK
Tuesday05/04/20221 TRY=0.5906 NOK
Wednesday06/04/20221 TRY=0.5931 NOK
Thursday07/04/20221 TRY=0.5937 NOK
Friday08/04/20221 TRY=0.5932 NOK
Monday11/04/20221 TRY=0.595 NOK
Tuesday12/04/20221 TRY=0.5983 NOK
Wednesday13/04/20221 TRY=0.6057 NOK
Thursday14/04/20221 TRY=0.5996 NOK
Tuesday19/04/20221 TRY=0.601 NOK
Wednesday20/04/20221 TRY=0.6002 NOK
Thursday21/04/20221 TRY=0.5987 NOK
Friday22/04/20221 TRY=0.6035 NOK
Monday25/04/20221 TRY=0.6111 NOK
Tuesday26/04/20221 TRY=0.62 NOK
Wednesday27/04/20221 TRY=0.6243 NOK
Thursday28/04/20221 TRY=0.6376 NOK
Friday29/04/20221 TRY=0.6234 NOK
Monday02/05/20221 TRY=0.6329 NOK
Tuesday03/05/20221 TRY=0.6313 NOK
Wednesday04/05/20221 TRY=0.6356 NOK
Thursday05/05/20221 TRY=0.627 NOK
Friday06/05/20221 TRY=0.6317 NOK
Monday09/05/20221 TRY=0.6328 NOK
Tuesday10/05/20221 TRY=0.6366 NOK
Wednesday11/05/20221 TRY=0.6293 NOK
Thursday12/05/20221 TRY=0.642 NOK
Friday13/05/20221 TRY=0.6347 NOK
Monday16/05/20221 TRY=0.6261 NOK
Tuesday17/05/20221 TRY=0.6124 NOK
Wednesday18/05/20221 TRY=0.6088 NOK
Thursday19/05/20221 TRY=0.6134 NOK
Friday20/05/20221 TRY=0.6109 NOK
Monday23/05/20221 TRY=0.6082 NOK
Tuesday24/05/20221 TRY=0.5957 NOK
Wednesday25/05/20221 TRY=0.5903 NOK
Thursday26/05/20221 TRY=0.5852 NOK
Friday27/05/20221 TRY=0.5794 NOK
Monday30/05/20221 TRY=0.5739 NOK
Tuesday31/05/20221 TRY=0.5747 NOK
Wednesday01/06/20221 TRY=0.5693 NOK
Thursday02/06/20221 TRY=0.5726 NOK
Friday03/06/20221 TRY=0.5697 NOK
Monday06/06/20221 TRY=0.5665 NOK
Tuesday07/06/20221 TRY=0.5703 NOK
Wednesday08/06/20221 TRY=0.5497 NOK
Thursday09/06/20221 TRY=0.5499 NOK
Friday10/06/20221 TRY=0.5635 NOK
Monday13/06/20221 TRY=0.5717 NOK
Tuesday14/06/20221 TRY=0.5759 NOK
Wednesday15/06/20221 TRY=0.5753 NOK
Thursday16/06/20221 TRY=0.5805 NOK
Friday17/06/20221 TRY=0.5758 NOK
Monday20/06/20221 TRY=0.5713 NOK
Tuesday21/06/20221 TRY=0.564 NOK
Wednesday22/06/20221 TRY=0.5756 NOK
Thursday23/06/20221 TRY=0.5749 NOK
Friday24/06/20221 TRY=0.571 NOK
Monday27/06/20221 TRY=0.5952 NOK
Tuesday28/06/20221 TRY=0.5884 NOK
Wednesday29/06/20221 TRY=0.5887 NOK
Thursday30/06/20221 TRY=0.5973 NOK
Friday01/07/20221 TRY=0.5938 NOK
Minimum: 0.5497 TRYNOK, Maximum: 0.6707 TRYNOK, Average: 0.6154 TRYNOK
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