Turkish Lira (TRY) To Philippine Peso (PHP) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Turkish Lira (TRY) to Philippine Peso (PHP). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best TRY to PHP rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Turkish Lira to Philippine Peso History Graph

To convert Turkish Lira to Philippine Peso or determine the Turkish Lira Philippine Peso exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
PHP to TRY Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Turkish Lira (TRY) to Philippine Peso (PHP)

Historical Date Turkish Lira Philippine Peso
Monday03/01/20221 TRY=3.8547 PHP
Tuesday04/01/20221 TRY=3.843 PHP
Wednesday05/01/20221 TRY=3.7919 PHP
Thursday06/01/20221 TRY=3.7168 PHP
Friday07/01/20221 TRY=3.6977 PHP
Monday10/01/20221 TRY=3.6977 PHP
Tuesday11/01/20221 TRY=3.7035 PHP
Wednesday12/01/20221 TRY=3.7267 PHP
Thursday13/01/20221 TRY=3.7544 PHP
Friday14/01/20221 TRY=3.7882 PHP
Monday17/01/20221 TRY=3.8304 PHP
Tuesday18/01/20221 TRY=3.7836 PHP
Wednesday19/01/20221 TRY=3.7895 PHP
Thursday20/01/20221 TRY=3.8198 PHP
Friday21/01/20221 TRY=3.8198 PHP
Monday24/01/20221 TRY=3.8372 PHP
Tuesday25/01/20221 TRY=3.7861 PHP
Wednesday26/01/20221 TRY=3.7803 PHP
Thursday27/01/20221 TRY=3.76 PHP
Friday28/01/20221 TRY=3.7714 PHP
Monday31/01/20221 TRY=3.8286 PHP
Tuesday01/02/20221 TRY=3.8161 PHP
Wednesday02/02/20221 TRY=3.7803 PHP
Thursday03/02/20221 TRY=3.7529 PHP
Friday04/02/20221 TRY=3.7941 PHP
Monday07/02/20221 TRY=3.7882 PHP
Tuesday08/02/20221 TRY=3.7824 PHP
Wednesday09/02/20221 TRY=3.7602 PHP
Thursday10/02/20221 TRY=3.7778 PHP
Friday11/02/20221 TRY=3.7953 PHP
Monday14/02/20221 TRY=3.7849 PHP
Tuesday15/02/20221 TRY=3.7558 PHP
Wednesday16/02/20221 TRY=3.7778 PHP
Thursday17/02/20221 TRY=3.7719 PHP
Friday18/02/20221 TRY=3.7836 PHP
Monday21/02/20221 TRY=3.7558 PHP
Tuesday22/02/20221 TRY=3.7035 PHP
Wednesday23/02/20221 TRY=3.7035 PHP
Thursday24/02/20221 TRY=3.5805 PHP
Friday25/02/20221 TRY=3.7126 PHP
Monday28/02/20221 TRY=3.7184 PHP
Tuesday01/03/20221 TRY=3.6743 PHP
Wednesday02/03/20221 TRY=3.6571 PHP
Thursday03/03/20221 TRY=3.64 PHP
Friday04/03/20221 TRY=3.6477 PHP
Monday07/03/20221 TRY=3.6307 PHP
Tuesday08/03/20221 TRY=3.5909 PHP
Wednesday09/03/20221 TRY=3.5429 PHP
Thursday10/03/20221 TRY=3.4855 PHP
Friday11/03/20221 TRY=3.5345 PHP
Monday14/03/20221 TRY=3.546 PHP
Tuesday15/03/20221 TRY=3.569 PHP
Wednesday16/03/20221 TRY=3.5517 PHP
Thursday17/03/20221 TRY=3.5434 PHP
Friday18/03/20221 TRY=3.523 PHP
Monday21/03/20221 TRY=3.5318 PHP
Tuesday22/03/20221 TRY=3.5376 PHP
Wednesday23/03/20221 TRY=3.523 PHP
Thursday24/03/20221 TRY=3.5287 PHP
Friday25/03/20221 TRY=3.5172 PHP
Monday28/03/20221 TRY=3.5086 PHP
Tuesday29/03/20221 TRY=3.5172 PHP
Wednesday30/03/20221 TRY=3.5376 PHP
Thursday31/03/20221 TRY=3.5287 PHP
Friday01/04/20221 TRY=3.52 PHP
Monday04/04/20221 TRY=3.4915 PHP
Tuesday05/04/20221 TRY=3.4775 PHP
Wednesday06/04/20221 TRY=3.4888 PHP
Thursday07/04/20221 TRY=3.4888 PHP
Friday08/04/20221 TRY=3.486 PHP
Monday11/04/20221 TRY=3.5398 PHP
Tuesday12/04/20221 TRY=3.5424 PHP
Wednesday13/04/20221 TRY=3.5763 PHP
Thursday14/04/20221 TRY=3.5739 PHP
Tuesday19/04/20221 TRY=3.5852 PHP
Wednesday20/04/20221 TRY=3.5739 PHP
Thursday21/04/20221 TRY=3.5714 PHP
Friday22/04/20221 TRY=3.5625 PHP
Monday25/04/20221 TRY=3.5393 PHP
Tuesday26/04/20221 TRY=3.5167 PHP
Wednesday27/04/20221 TRY=3.5249 PHP
Thursday28/04/20221 TRY=3.5385 PHP
Friday29/04/20221 TRY=3.5304 PHP
Monday02/05/20221 TRY=3.5249 PHP
Tuesday03/05/20221 TRY=3.5389 PHP
Wednesday04/05/20221 TRY=3.547 PHP
Thursday05/05/20221 TRY=3.5193 PHP
Friday06/05/20221 TRY=3.5167 PHP
Monday09/05/20221 TRY=3.4944 PHP
Tuesday10/05/20221 TRY=3.4365 PHP
Wednesday11/05/20221 TRY=3.3956 PHP
Thursday12/05/20221 TRY=3.4098 PHP
Friday13/05/20221 TRY=3.3804 PHP
Monday16/05/20221 TRY=3.3497 PHP
Tuesday17/05/20221 TRY=3.326 PHP
Wednesday18/05/20221 TRY=3.2747 PHP
Thursday19/05/20221 TRY=3.2873 PHP
Friday20/05/20221 TRY=3.2873 PHP
Monday23/05/20221 TRY=3.2944 PHP
Tuesday24/05/20221 TRY=3.2528 PHP
Wednesday25/05/20221 TRY=3.2123 PHP
Thursday26/05/20221 TRY=3.1844 PHP
Friday27/05/20221 TRY=3.1788 PHP
Monday30/05/20221 TRY=3.1854 PHP
Tuesday31/05/20221 TRY=3.1966 PHP
Wednesday01/06/20221 TRY=3.1854 PHP
Thursday02/06/20221 TRY=3.209 PHP
Friday03/06/20221 TRY=3.2045 PHP
Monday06/06/20221 TRY=3.1932 PHP
Tuesday07/06/20221 TRY=3.1638 PHP
Wednesday08/06/20221 TRY=3.0795 PHP
Thursday09/06/20221 TRY=3.0682 PHP
Friday10/06/20221 TRY=3.118 PHP
Monday13/06/20221 TRY=3.095 PHP
Tuesday14/06/20221 TRY=3.0778 PHP
Wednesday15/06/20221 TRY=3.0778 PHP
Thursday16/06/20221 TRY=3.0833 PHP
Friday17/06/20221 TRY=3.113 PHP
Monday20/06/20221 TRY=3.1193 PHP
Tuesday21/06/20221 TRY=3.12 PHP
Wednesday22/06/20221 TRY=3.1314 PHP
Thursday23/06/20221 TRY=3.1552 PHP
Friday24/06/20221 TRY=3.1618 PHP
Monday27/06/20221 TRY=3.3064 PHP
Tuesday28/06/20221 TRY=3.289 PHP
Wednesday29/06/20221 TRY=3.3006 PHP
Thursday30/06/20221 TRY=3.2971 PHP
Friday01/07/20221 TRY=3.2931 PHP
Monday04/07/20221 TRY=3.2644 PHP
Tuesday05/07/20221 TRY=3.2629 PHP
Wednesday06/07/20221 TRY=3.2386 PHP
Thursday07/07/20221 TRY=3.2386 PHP
Friday08/07/20221 TRY=3.2273 PHP
Monday11/07/20221 TRY=3.2203 PHP
Tuesday12/07/20221 TRY=3.2373 PHP
Wednesday13/07/20221 TRY=3.233 PHP
Thursday14/07/20221 TRY=3.2316 PHP
Friday15/07/20221 TRY=3.2386 PHP
Monday18/07/20221 TRY=3.2229 PHP
Tuesday19/07/20221 TRY=3.1897 PHP
Wednesday20/07/20221 TRY=3.2011 PHP
Thursday21/07/20221 TRY=3.1897 PHP
Friday22/07/20221 TRY=3.16 PHP
Monday25/07/20221 TRY=3.1257 PHP
Tuesday26/07/20221 TRY=3.1067 PHP
Wednesday27/07/20221 TRY=3.1073 PHP
Thursday28/07/20221 TRY=3.113 PHP
Friday29/07/20221 TRY=3.096 PHP
Monday01/08/20221 TRY=3.0966 PHP
Tuesday02/08/20221 TRY=3.0966 PHP
Wednesday03/08/20221 TRY=3.1023 PHP
Thursday04/08/20221 TRY=3.0904 PHP
Friday05/08/20221 TRY=3.0734 PHP
Monday08/08/20221 TRY=3.0847 PHP
Tuesday09/08/20221 TRY=3.0966 PHP
Wednesday10/08/20221 TRY=3.1029 PHP
Thursday11/08/20221 TRY=3.08 PHP
Friday12/08/20221 TRY=3.0914 PHP
Monday15/08/20221 TRY=3.12 PHP
Tuesday16/08/20221 TRY=3.1017 PHP
Wednesday17/08/20221 TRY=3.1136 PHP
Thursday18/08/20221 TRY=3.0852 PHP
Friday19/08/20221 TRY=3.0843 PHP
Monday22/08/20221 TRY=3.1011 PHP
Tuesday23/08/20221 TRY=3.0889 PHP
Wednesday24/08/20221 TRY=3.0778 PHP
Thursday25/08/20221 TRY=3.0838 PHP
Friday26/08/20221 TRY=3.0899 PHP
Monday29/08/20221 TRY=3.0955 PHP
Tuesday30/08/20221 TRY=3.096 PHP
Wednesday31/08/20221 TRY=3.0899 PHP
Thursday01/09/20221 TRY=3.1017 PHP
Friday02/09/20221 TRY=3.1193 PHP
Monday05/09/20221 TRY=3.1243 PHP
Tuesday06/09/20221 TRY=3.1243 PHP
Wednesday07/09/20221 TRY=3.1356 PHP
Thursday08/09/20221 TRY=3.1314 PHP
Friday09/09/20221 TRY=3.12 PHP
Monday12/09/20221 TRY=3.1214 PHP
Tuesday13/09/20221 TRY=3.1156 PHP
Wednesday14/09/20221 TRY=3.1314 PHP
Thursday15/09/20221 TRY=3.1314 PHP
Friday16/09/20221 TRY=3.1429 PHP
Monday19/09/20221 TRY=3.1437 PHP
Tuesday20/09/20221 TRY=3.1437 PHP
Wednesday21/09/20221 TRY=3.1486 PHP
Thursday22/09/20221 TRY=3.185 PHP
Friday23/09/20221 TRY=3.1829 PHP
Monday26/09/20221 TRY=3.1932 PHP
Tuesday27/09/20221 TRY=3.1875 PHP
Wednesday28/09/20221 TRY=3.1864 PHP
Thursday29/09/20221 TRY=3.1591 PHP
Friday30/09/20221 TRY=3.16 PHP
Monday03/10/20221 TRY=3.1724 PHP
Tuesday04/10/20221 TRY=3.1686 PHP
Wednesday05/10/20221 TRY=3.157 PHP
Thursday06/10/20221 TRY=3.1561 PHP
Friday07/10/20221 TRY=3.1734 PHP
Monday10/10/20221 TRY=3.1714 PHP
Tuesday11/10/20221 TRY=3.16 PHP
Wednesday12/10/20221 TRY=3.1657 PHP
Thursday13/10/20221 TRY=3.1724 PHP
Friday14/10/20221 TRY=3.1839 PHP
Monday17/10/20221 TRY=3.1724 PHP
Tuesday18/10/20221 TRY=3.1618 PHP
Wednesday19/10/20221 TRY=3.1792 PHP
Thursday20/10/20221 TRY=3.1734 PHP
Friday21/10/20221 TRY=3.16 PHP
Monday24/10/20221 TRY=3.1744 PHP
Tuesday25/10/20221 TRY=3.1686 PHP
Wednesday26/10/20221 TRY=3.1345 PHP
Thursday27/10/20221 TRY=3.1287 PHP
Friday28/10/20221 TRY=3.1214 PHP
Monday31/10/20221 TRY=3.1329 PHP
Tuesday01/11/20221 TRY=3.1214 PHP
Wednesday02/11/20221 TRY=3.1329 PHP
Thursday03/11/20221 TRY=3.1667 PHP
Friday04/11/20221 TRY=3.1445 PHP
Monday07/11/20221 TRY=3.1462 PHP
Tuesday08/11/20221 TRY=3.1279 PHP
Wednesday09/11/20221 TRY=3.1163 PHP
Thursday10/11/20221 TRY=3.1214 PHP
Friday11/11/20221 TRY=3.1006 PHP
Monday14/11/20221 TRY=3.0828 PHP
Tuesday15/11/20221 TRY=3.0774 PHP
Wednesday16/11/20221 TRY=3.0714 PHP
Thursday17/11/20221 TRY=3.0769 PHP
Friday18/11/20221 TRY=3.0833 PHP
Monday21/11/20221 TRY=3.0824 PHP
Tuesday22/11/20221 TRY=3.0765 PHP
Wednesday23/11/20221 TRY=3.0588 PHP
Thursday24/11/20221 TRY=3.0353 PHP
Friday25/11/20221 TRY=3.0412 PHP
Monday28/11/20221 TRY=3.0355 PHP
Tuesday29/11/20221 TRY=3.0292 PHP
Wednesday30/11/20221 TRY=3.0412 PHP
Thursday01/12/20221 TRY=3.0176 PHP
Friday02/12/20221 TRY=2.9941 PHP
Monday05/12/20221 TRY=3 PHP
Tuesday06/12/20221 TRY=3 PHP
Wednesday07/12/20221 TRY=2.9825 PHP
Thursday08/12/20221 TRY=2.9651 PHP
Friday09/12/20221 TRY=2.9708 PHP
Minimum: 2.9651 TRYPHP, Maximum: 3.8547 TRYPHP, Average: 3.3318 TRYPHP
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