Turkish Lira (TRY) To South African Rand (ZAR) Currency Exchange Rates History

This page shows the historical data for Turkish Lira (TRY) to South African Rand (ZAR). With the history chart of this currency pairs you can review market history and analyze rate trends. The best TRY to ZAR rate over a historical period can be determined using the history chart and prices below;

Turkish Lira to South African Rand History Graph

To convert Turkish Lira to South African Rand or determine the Turkish Lira South African Rand exchange rate simply use the currency converter on this page.
ZAR to TRY Historical Exchange Rates

Exchange Rate History For Converting Turkish Lira (TRY) to South African Rand (ZAR)

Historical Date Turkish Lira South African Rand
Tuesday02/01/20241 TRY=0.6253 ZAR
Wednesday03/01/20241 TRY=0.6324 ZAR
Thursday04/01/20241 TRY=0.6265 ZAR
Friday05/01/20241 TRY=0.6304 ZAR
Monday08/01/20241 TRY=0.627 ZAR
Tuesday09/01/20241 TRY=0.6237 ZAR
Wednesday10/01/20241 TRY=0.6224 ZAR
Thursday11/01/20241 TRY=0.6196 ZAR
Friday12/01/20241 TRY=0.6217 ZAR
Monday15/01/20241 TRY=0.6217 ZAR
Tuesday16/01/20241 TRY=0.6263 ZAR
Wednesday17/01/20241 TRY=0.6328 ZAR
Thursday18/01/20241 TRY=0.6276 ZAR
Friday19/01/20241 TRY=0.6294 ZAR
Monday22/01/20241 TRY=0.6347 ZAR
Tuesday23/01/20241 TRY=0.6294 ZAR
Wednesday24/01/20241 TRY=0.6242 ZAR
Thursday25/01/20241 TRY=0.6235 ZAR
Friday26/01/20241 TRY=0.6204 ZAR
Monday29/01/20241 TRY=0.6166 ZAR
Tuesday30/01/20241 TRY=0.623 ZAR
Wednesday31/01/20241 TRY=0.6179 ZAR
Thursday01/02/20241 TRY=0.6174 ZAR
Friday02/02/20241 TRY=0.6126 ZAR
Monday05/02/20241 TRY=0.6224 ZAR
Tuesday06/02/20241 TRY=0.6199 ZAR
Wednesday07/02/20241 TRY=0.6171 ZAR
Thursday08/02/20241 TRY=0.6204 ZAR
Friday09/02/20241 TRY=0.6209 ZAR
Monday12/02/20241 TRY=0.6176 ZAR
Tuesday13/02/20241 TRY=0.6138 ZAR
Wednesday14/02/20241 TRY=0.6204 ZAR
Thursday15/02/20241 TRY=0.6196 ZAR
Friday16/02/20241 TRY=0.6118 ZAR
Monday19/02/20241 TRY=0.6155 ZAR
Tuesday20/02/20241 TRY=0.6135 ZAR
Wednesday21/02/20241 TRY=0.6057 ZAR
Thursday22/02/20241 TRY=0.6157 ZAR
Friday23/02/20241 TRY=0.62 ZAR
Monday26/02/20241 TRY=0.6205 ZAR
Tuesday27/02/20241 TRY=0.6154 ZAR
Wednesday28/02/20241 TRY=0.6175 ZAR
Thursday29/02/20241 TRY=0.6192 ZAR
Friday01/03/20241 TRY=0.612 ZAR
Monday04/03/20241 TRY=0.6021 ZAR
Tuesday05/03/20241 TRY=0.5988 ZAR
Wednesday06/03/20241 TRY=0.5955 ZAR
Thursday07/03/20241 TRY=0.589 ZAR
Friday08/03/20241 TRY=0.5825 ZAR
Monday11/03/20241 TRY=0.5837 ZAR
Tuesday12/03/20241 TRY=0.5837 ZAR
Wednesday13/03/20241 TRY=0.5828 ZAR
Thursday14/03/20241 TRY=0.5804 ZAR
Friday15/03/20241 TRY=0.5804 ZAR
Monday18/03/20241 TRY=0.5844 ZAR
Tuesday19/03/20241 TRY=0.5852 ZAR
Wednesday20/03/20241 TRY=0.5828 ZAR
Thursday21/03/20241 TRY=0.5837 ZAR
Friday22/03/20241 TRY=0.5947 ZAR
Monday25/03/20241 TRY=0.5881 ZAR
Tuesday26/03/20241 TRY=0.5873 ZAR
Wednesday27/03/20241 TRY=0.5881 ZAR
Thursday28/03/20241 TRY=0.5873 ZAR
Tuesday02/04/20241 TRY=0.585 ZAR
Wednesday03/04/20241 TRY=0.5882 ZAR
Thursday04/04/20241 TRY=0.5862 ZAR
Friday05/04/20241 TRY=0.5827 ZAR
Monday08/04/20241 TRY=0.5786 ZAR
Tuesday09/04/20241 TRY=0.5743 ZAR
Wednesday10/04/20241 TRY=0.5723 ZAR
Thursday11/04/20241 TRY=0.5827 ZAR
Friday12/04/20241 TRY=0.58 ZAR
Monday15/04/20241 TRY=0.5859 ZAR
Minimum: 0.5723 TRYZAR, Maximum: 0.6347 TRYZAR, Average: 0.6069 TRYZAR
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